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OAD - Overrunning Alternator Decoupler

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All Pulleys Are Not Created Equal  

When it is time to replace an overrunning alternator decoupler (OAD), do not skimp with inferior, “near-match” parts like solid, one-way clutches or isolator pulleys. Go with Continental Elite® OADs.

Designed and produced by the Litens Automotive Group as original equipment on many North American and European vehicles, OADs are now available for the auto parts aftermarket, and the best way to ensure you are using the right pulley for the job.

Controlled Vibration. Smooth Performance  

Lower System Tension Improves:  

  • Vehicle noise level, vibration, harshness
  • Front-end accessory drive component life
  • Fuel economy


  • For cylinder deactivation
  • Idling and cruising
  • Transmission shift belt noise

Elite OADs include a patented internal torsion spring that is tuned to the specific engine application. The spring absorbs base-engine vibration before it reaches the alternator. It also connects, but isolates the alternator pulley from the rotor, which in turn effectively eliminates the vibration felt by the driver. OADs include a one-way clutch (decoupling feature) that enables the alternator to coast freely if belt speed suddenly decreases, such as an engine shut-down or a transmission shift.



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