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/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/openendv_sm.jpgOpen-End V
Classical cross section belt lengths ideal for problem applications and emergency belt replacements where drives are difficult to access or disassemble.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/HY-T Wedge_sm.jpgHY-T® Wedge
The original narrow cross section v-belt distributing stresses more uniformly over tension members delivering more consistent and reliable power transmission.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/HY-T Plus_sm.jpgHY-T® Plus
Traditional classical belts designed for operating at higher speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances. Also for use in multiple V-belt drives where high shock load and heavy duty loads are encountered.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/torqueflex_sm.jpgTorque Flex®
Premium classical profile belt delivering increased HP over traditional classical belts. Designed for tough, small sheave diameter, high tension drives.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/Belts[2][1]_sm.jpgGY Metric®
GY Metric belts are strong, flexible, and work in a wide temperature range. Our years of manufacturing experience coupled with our expertise in rubber compounding provides for superior performance under the toughest conditions.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/hex_sm.jpgHex Belt
Double side classical cross section belts are used on drives having one or more reverse bends where power must be transmitted to or from the belt in both standard and reversing positions.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/instapowerflexten_sm.jpgInsta-Power® with Flexten®
Dual branded, high-performance, Flexten reinforced classical v-belts for both lawn and garden and heavy duty industrial applications.
/uploadedImages/Product_Categories/Power_Transmission_Products/Products/V-Belts/FHP_sm.jpgFHP Belt
Classical profile light duty v-belts for light machinery, home appliances, farm machinery, shop equipment, fans, blowers, etc.