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Galaxy® SLE G4890

Galaxy® SLE G4890 | Special Application
SAE J2064 | Air Conditioning

Galaxy_sleG4890_lgApplication: Recommended for R134a and most refrigerants blends and compressor lubricants in automotive and heavy-duty truck air conditioning systems where significant reduction in permeation and moisture ingression is desired.

Inner Tube: Chloroprene

Barrier: Nylon

Reinforcement: Single-braid polyester

Cover Compound: Black chlorobutyl

Temperature Range: -40°F to 275°F (-40°C to 135°C)

Fitting Reference: All fittings compatible with the G4890 hose family are listed in SECTION 9 (starting on page 309) of the catalog.

PartHose Size IDHose ODMax. Working PressureMin. Bend RadiusMin. Burst PressureWeight
Continuous Brand Layline Example Good(TM)year