Veyance Technologies, Inc.
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Heavyweight Conveyor Belt FAQ

How can I contact Veyance Technologies about Goodyear Engineered Products?

Customer Service - USA at 800-BELT-USA or Customer Service - Canada at 888-275-4397

How can I get a conveyor belt recommendation?

By contacting your local Goodyear Engineered Products Authorized Distributor, click here for our distributor locator.

How can I locate a Goodyear Engineered Products distributor?

Visit our distributor locator website located here. 

How can I purchase conveyor belt from Goodyear Engineered Products?

Contact Goodyear Customer Service at 800-235-8872 or use our distributor.

How long has Goodyear Engineered Products manufactured conveyor belt?

For over 100 years.

What is the most popular Goodyear Engineered Products belt specification for Sand & Gravel or Quarry usage? Underground Coal Mining?

Aggregate = Plylon Plus®,  Underground Coal = Glide® Plus 

Why buy Goodyear conveyor belts?

Veyance's commitment to customers, "Prove to our customers that we deliver the lowest cost per ton conveyed"

  • We have over 100 years of proven value,
  • Our distributor network consists of over 100 locations in Canada & USA for the best local service,
  • We have over 60 Sales representatives in the USA and Canada