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SAE 100R5 | Fleet Application

Application: General purpose, medium pressure applications including petroleum based hydraulic oil, air and water for use in air brakes, power steering, turbo oil lines, tilt cab cylinders, transmission coolant and filtration lines.

Inner Tube: Nitrile

Reinforcement: One braid of high-tensile steel wire

Cover Compound: Impregnated textile braid

Temperature Range: -40°F 212°F

PartHose Size IDHose ODMax. Working PressureMin. Bend RadiusMin. Burst PressureWeight
GR5-043/164.8 MM0.5213.2300020.73761200082.70.14
GR5-051/46.4 MM0.5814.8300020.73.38861200082.70.18
GR5-065/167.9 MM0.6717.1225015.54102900062.10.22
GR5-0813/3210.3 MM0.7619.5200013.84.62117800055.20.29
GR5-101/212.7 MM0.9223.4175012.15.5140700048.30.36
GR5-125/815.9 MM1.0727.4150010.36.5165600041.40.44
GR5-167/822.2 MM1.2331.48005.57.38187320022.10.47
GR5-201 1/828.6 MM1.538.16254.39229250017.20.58
GR5-241 3/835 MM1.7544.45003.410.5267200013.80.72
GR5-321 13/1646 MM2.2256.43502.413.2533714009.70.90
Continuous Brand Layline Example
Good(TM)year GR5-04 SAE 100R5 (FMVSS 106 AII, J1402) DOT GYAB 3/16" (4.8mm) W.P. 3000 PSI (20.7 MPA)